5 Common Misconceptions About Soccer Bets and Extra Time

5 Common Misconceptions About Soccer Bets and Extra Time

As someone who has been following soccer bets for a while now, I have come across some interesting statistics that challenge common misconceptions about extra time.

Did you know that in the 2018 World Cup, 48 out of the 64 matches went into extra time? That’s a staggering 75% of the games!

Now, you might be wondering what these misconceptions are and how they affect our understanding of soccer bets.

Well, in this discussion, we will uncover five common misconceptions about soccer bets and extra time that might surprise you. So, let’s dive in and explore the truth behind these popular beliefs.

Extra Time Does Not Always Impact Soccer Bets

Extra Time Does Not Always Impact Soccer Bets

Extra time in soccer matches doesn’t always impact the outcome of soccer bets. This is one of the common misconceptions surrounding soccer bets. In most cases, bets only count the first 90 minutes of play, excluding any extra time.

For example, 3-Way Moneyline bets don’t consider the outcome of extra time. Similarly, total bets aren’t affected by the result of extra time. However, it’s important to note that some props may include extra time, depending on the book.

Therefore, before placing a bet, it’s crucial to check whether a prop includes extra time. By understanding these facts, bettors can make more informed decisions and avoid any misunderstandings regarding the impact of extra time on their soccer bets.

Betting on Extra Time Is Not Always a Risky Choice

Betting on extra time in soccer matches can offer exciting opportunities for wagering and potential profit. Contrary to popular misconceptions, it isn’t always a risky choice. Here are three reasons why:

  • To Lift the Trophy bets: These bets offer the safety of potentially winning in extra time or penalty kicks. So even if the match goes into extra time, your bet can still be successful.
  • Totals bets: Most total bets are only for the first 90 minutes unless otherwise noted and aren’t affected by the outcome of extra time. This means that you can still place a bet on the total number of goals scored in the match without worrying about the impact of extra time.
  • Safety net for certain wagers: Bets that push in case of a tie after 90 minutes can provide a safety net. Your bet will be refunded if the match goes into extra time and ends in a draw.

Extra Time Does Not Guarantee More Goals

Extra Time Does Not Guarantee More Goals

The goal-scoring dynamics in soccer matches don’t necessarily increase during extra time. It’s a common misconception that extra time guarantees more goals, leading some soccer bettors to place their bets accordingly. However, the facts suggest otherwise.

The likelihood of goals in extra time isn’t significantly higher than in regular time. The number of goals scored in extra time is often lower than expected. Betting on more goals in extra time isn’t a reliable strategy.

This is because extra time may follow a pattern of cautious play, with teams focused on defending rather than attacking. As a result, the number of goals scored during this period tends to be lower.

Soccer bettors must be aware of this misconception and adjust their betting strategies accordingly.

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Extra Time Does Not Always Favor the Underdog

Teams in soccer matches don’t always have an advantage during extra time. While it’s commonly believed that underdog teams thrive in these extended periods, the reality is more complex. Here are three important points to consider when it comes to the relationship between extra time and the underdog:

  • Fitness and strategy: Some teams are better equipped to handle the physical demands of extra time due to their superior fitness levels. Additionally, certain teams may have a well-thought-out strategy specifically designed for these situations, giving them an edge over their opponents.
  • Momentum: Underdog teams often rely on a burst of energy to surprise their opponents and gain an advantage. However, in extra time, this momentum can fade, allowing the favored team to regain control of the game.
  • Depth and quality: Teams with more resources and quality players have greater depth in their squad. This means they can make substitutions that can change the game’s dynamics in their favor, whether it’s bringing on fresh legs or introducing a star player who can make a difference.

It is important to dispel the misconception that extra time always favors the underdog. To make informed decisions, soccer bettors should analyze the specific circumstances surrounding each match, considering factors such as fitness, strategy, momentum, and squad depth.

Extra Time Does Not Always Lead to Penalty Shootouts

Extra Time Does Not Always Lead to Penalty Shootouts

Extra time in soccer matches can lead to various outcomes, and penalty shootouts aren’t always the result. While penalty shootouts are commonly associated with extra time, it’s important to note that some competitions have different rules in place. Instead of penalty shootouts, these competitions may use methods such as the golden goal or silver goal to determine the winner.

Therefore, assuming that extra time will always lead to penalty shootouts can be a misconception. When placing soccer bets, it’s crucial to understand the specific rules of the competition to accurately determine the potential outcomes of extra time. By doing so, bettors can make more informed decisions and avoid falling into the trap of misconceptions surrounding extra time and penalty shootouts in soccer matches.

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In conclusion, understanding the common misconceptions about soccer bets and extra time is crucial for making accurate and informed betting decisions.

It’s important to realize that extra time doesn’t always impact soccer bets. betting on it isn’t always risky and doesn’t guarantee more goals or favor the underdog.

Additionally, extra time doesn’t always lead to penalty shootouts.

By dispelling these misconceptions, bettors can approach soccer betting with a more informed perspective.

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