1990 Alumni – Women

Freestate Shooters:
  • Christine Nairn – Penn State
  • Tiffany McCary – Florida State
  • Chelsea Allen – Wake Forest
  • Kelsi Morris – University of Pittsburgh
  • Katelyn Ruhe – University of Pittsburgh
  • Sarah Chapam – University of Pittsburg
  • Julia Bouchelle – Boston College
  • Karen Blocker – Liberty University

Freestate Sharks

  • Danielle Kell – University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
  • Tori Waldron – Wingate University

Freestate Xtreme

  • Jess Brockmeyer – Cornell University, NY
  • Erin Bryce – Frostburg College, MD
  • Nina Capuano – St Andrews Presbyterian College, NC
  • Victoria Cesaro – Caldwell College, NJ
  • Nikki D’Orsaneo – Caldwell College, NJ
  • Jenna Hughes – St Andrews Presbyterian College, NC
1989 Alumni – Women

Freestate Shooters

  • Yewande Balogun – University of Maryland
  • Angelina Cords – Boston University
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